February – August 2020

Hello again everyone from the land of the lost! It has been a very different kind of year to say the least, hence the lack of follow up to this blog. To write a blog you need substance, something that not many artists have had during the pandemic shut down.

The virus situation which shut down our world, sadly shut down all the galleries and stores that sell our art unitl very recently and art shows for the year. So all my plans that had been made for this year have been pushed to next year, fingers crossed. 2020 was to be my first year at the Pelham Art Festival and the Muskoka Art Show in Bracebridge.

As much as the art shows are a write off for the year,  that hasn’t stopped the creativity from flowing. I think I have more ideas now then I had before the pandemic.  Before the shut down, I was centered on getting ready for show season and all that involves.  As it turned out without that to focus on I tuned myself into experimenting with some new painting themes along with starting to work on larger size wood, which I never thought I’d do. A couple years ago I was talking to another artist,explaining my concept of painting on 28” by 6” boards and told them I didn’t see myself changing that. This person then told me that creativity doesn’t stay in one spot; they predicted that I would start experimenting with different ideas, mediums and themes and I was just nodding in agreement, never really believing I would change. Well, yes this person has proved themselves right. Since the pandemic started mid-March or so, I have done two boards commemorating the Harry Potter movies, single board paintings (1’ by 1’) of local businesses, a painting of some turtles on a log, and I have started up-sizing my streetscapes, working with bigger pieces of lumber.  So next time you see my work presented  somewhere don’t be surprised at what you might see!

I do have a bit of positive news for a future showing, and I do mean future! The Bruce County Historical Museum and Cultural Centre located in Southampton, Ontario has given me the opportunity to present my own show of Bruce County and small-town Ontario streetscapes. I ventured down there a couple weeks back to pick up the paper work and check out the space.  The opening reception is September 17 2022 with the show running till the beginning of January 2023.  At first glance that seems like quite a distance away, BUT that time frame should give the virus time to hopefully run whatever course it is going to do with some normalcy coming back into our world by then. (fingers crossed) So given this time frame to work with, be expecting a great showcase of towns!

Pieces of my work continued to be on display and for sale at the Nook in Grimsby, Birgie and Friends on Queen St. in Niagara Falls, Niagara Crafters in Port Colborne, The Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne and at the Art Barn in Victoria Harbour outside of Midland, Ontario!

Yours in Art,


December 2019 / January 2020

Happy New Year One and All!

2020 is shaping up to be a busy and productive year. New shows and new ideas!

Applications are sent in, and at this point I am waiting conformation on the Muskoka Art Festival in Bracebridge in July and the Art at the Pumphouse show in August. Confirmation and planning for my first year at the Pelham Art Festival on Mother’s Day Weekend is ongoing.  I will also be doing another solo show at the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne September 17 to November 1. I will be applying for the Niagara Falls Night of Art at the Niagara Falls History Museum when that application comes around to along with those I’ll be applying to the visual Artists of Welland Spring Fling show that is held in Welland in April. Good start of planning for the new year!

I am always looking for new venues to place my work, and I will be placing some pieces at Birgie and Friends on Queen St. in Niagara Falls this week. My other venues are Niagara Crafters and the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne, The Nook in Grimsby and The Art Barn in Victoria Harbour. If anyone ever has suggestions on possible places to display my work please pass it on it is greatly appreciated.

A lighthouse painting class is lined up for the Southampton Art School in September, and I am lining up to do a lighthouse painting class at the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne to sometime before Canal Days.

Winter of course is the time when I paint and create the most, gearing up for the busy summer show season. My new ideas are coming quickly these days, I hardly am finished one work when my mind has drifted to another idea. I have way more ideas then time, but I guess that is a good thing in many ways.

You’ll be noticing more live edged wood works upcoming, and in a variety of larger sizes then you are used to seeing my work. It didn’t seem that long ago that I said I would never  work larger…….Obviously I will be shopping for some bigger brushes in the near future 🙂

Yours in Art,


October /November 2019

Where did the fall season go???? I used to find the fall season was one of the most enjoyable seasons, but it seems that in recent years we seem to jump right into a premature winter season during October. Not my fav…but it does give me more creative time as the nights are so long and the weather is not all that favorable for being outside.

October brought the close to my solo show at the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne, which for a first timer, I believe was pretty successful. Four board paintings found their forever homes, with many people just coming in to familiarize themselves with my work. Upon completion of my solo show, the annual members show went up and will remain up till the 17th of January. Several pieces of my work continue to be at the gallery as part of the members show. Art comes in many forms, thus along with beautiful painted works by gallery members there is also pottery, jewelry, photographs, painted cards, Christmas ornaments and scarfs to give the small gallery a warm tasteful feel.

As of mid-December I have finished any commissions I had to complete from the summer. Feeeeeeeels good!:-) In between my commission work, I have begun to experiment working on various type of wood and BIGGER pieces of wood. I never thought I would be thinking bigger, but you don’t grow unless you stretch your boundaries right? So expect to see some very different work out of me in the next year, same basic painting techniques but let’s see how big I will go.

I am presently working up my schedule for next year, gearing for about 4 major showings at this point, which is always subject to change as the year progresses. I am lined up to facilitate a painting workshop at the Southcoast Guest House in Port Colborne in February, and a workshop at the Southampton Arts Centre in September. I hope to have a couple workshops at the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne to as we move into the New Year. One never knows where I will pop up in Ontario at this point to give a workshop or showing of my work as I continue to make connections throughout. I have also requested I’d like to have another solo show at the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne later in the year, show casing both my new and previous works. Stayed Tuned!

2019 has been a good year for Reflections of Niagara; it has been another year of growth new ideas and learning for me. I’ve met so many people that have been part of this growth, to many individuals to name, but you know who you are. You are truly special people, who I am sure I’ll be touching bases with once again in the New Year.

So let’s get this New Year a moving! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2020 to all!

Yours in Art,


August/ September 2019

Ok, Where did the summer season go?????  It took a while to get here and then “poof” it’s gone. For the summer shows I did this season the weather was pretty good over all not the heatwave we endured last year at times.

August started off BUSY! Once again I was at Art at the Pumphouse and had fantastic two days. I believe at this moment this is one of my favorite shows that has the best turnout overall. I sold all four of the Niagara on the Lake Tissue box covers that I had there. I guess  I know what I’ll be making up over the winter.

From the Pumphouse showing, the following weekend was spent in my hometown of Port Colborne showing at the South Niagara Artists tour. Since I don’t really have a studio of sorts, I bunkered in at Esa’s Studio on Stanley Street. Again weather was great and met a lot of new people, hospitality by Esa and his wife was wonderful.

Then I had a well-deserved break for a week camping in Algonquin Park, but as usual my art was never far from mind as I did A LOT of picture taking for future works from the areas both in the park and the towns surrounding it. I have my winters work prepared for me.

To wind up my show season in September, I was once again part of the Niagara Falls History Museum Night of Art. For a few hours once a year the museum lights up the evening with a variety of art and music from the Niagara area. Unlike last year, when the rains crept in, this year was pleasant the whole night through. I feel my work fits in well in a history museum as I am striving to showcase our small town heritage.

Soooooo, now comes the cooler weather, longer evenings and a lot more painting to be done. I am still working on a variety of commissioned pieces from the summer, along with new creations. My thoughts are also already going into planning next year’s shows. At this point in time, I am looking at the Pelham Art Festival in May, the Muskoka Arts and Crafts show in Bracebridge, Art at the Pumphouse and the Nigara Falls Museum Night of Art once again. That’s actually a lot considering the size of the shows, so we ll see what else pops up as this year ends and the New Year begins.

To end up September I am gearing up for my first solo show at the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne, opening October 10 to November 10. Marketing has never been my strong point, but I am learning as I go with this. From this experience I will learn what to take with me for the next time. Experience is the best teacher as they say!

So till next time,

Yours in art, Mary

June/July 2019

Happy Summertime! Time to get blogging 🙂

I knew summer was going to be busy, but like a lot of things in life until they actually come to pass do you then realize just how crazy things can get. But again crazy in a very good way!

July brought us into the Circle of Art in Crystal Beach, Ontario! Always a fun time! This was my third year in the show, having grown substantially since my first single card table of small drift wood and bread boards. A lot of business cards were handed out and a Niagara on the Lake Kleenex box found a home, all in all it was a good day. As the past two years the weather was beautiful.

Next came Art at the Pumphouse in Niagara on the Lake, which I will now rate as the best show I have done up to now. Several boards found homes and several orders were taken for Kleenex Boxes and a home painting.

The following weekend brought me to the South Niagara Artists Studio tour where I spent the weekend at Esa’s Studio in Port Colborne. Another couple of beautiful days had by all.

Following that weekend I headed up to northern Ontario for a week of relax and photo taking for future boards. I dropped a streetscape board off at Em’s Café in Coldwater, and have heard from the owner that it is drawing a lot of attention. I also visited the Art Barn where my paintings are for sale and Dillon’s Pizza in Midland that has one of my boards on their shelves. I came back and hit the ground running as I am gearing up for a visit from Fairchild TV, the leading Chinese TV network across Canada.  Next week is the  filming and interview about my work! Very excited, getting everything organized and ready is work but fun to!

Unless I hear differently, I’ll have my streetscape painting class at the Southampton Gallery going on the first weekend of September. Of course that means more photo opts of that area to. 🙂

My solo show at the Arts Place Gallery opens October 10, with the opening reception October 20, a fall theme will center around the show. Arts Place is also looking at getting more workshops started in the fall so stayed tuned for that.

I applied for the Pelham Art Festival next Mother’s Day weekend, I was juried in last year but too late for a space, hopefully this year there will be a spot for me to fit into to. I’m also gearing up for the Niagara Falls History Museum Night of Art on September 19. I have applied for the Christmas show at the Pumphouse Gallery in Niagara on the Lake, but I realize there is limited space so we will see. Getting in there will decide what direction I’ll be painting this fall, either Niagara on the Lake local scenes, or if I don’t make it in this year I’ll be centering on more northern scenes. Contemplating doing a show up north next year……

That touches on the tip of the ice burg of what’s going on in the world of Reflections of Niagara aka my world lol

Yours in Art


April / May 2019

Is it spring yet? Some days it feels like it and others well….not so sure. But the birds are singing, the days are longer and I don’t have to dress in several layers to go out the door, so I’ll take it!

Shows are lined up for the summer; I will have one painting on display at the Welland History Museum as part of the Visual Artists of Welland Presentation for the month of July till the beginning of July. After that it is mainly preparation for the circle of Art in Crystal Beach, Art at the Pumphouse in NOTL, and the South Niagara Artists Studio tour. I have applied once again for the Niagara Falls Museum Night of Art in September; acceptance doesn’t come out till July. And of course there is the preparation for my show at the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne in October. So many colorful towns of Ontario will be presented in this exhibit; it has to be seen to be truly appreciated. I hope to be having one painted board up for a raffle during my opening!

Teaching art workshops has been on my horizon for a while now. I now have a scheduled class at Arts Place where we will Paint Your House in July! We will paint a small piece of wood with the building of your choice; I am going to assume it will be mainly family homes. Then in September I have Let’s Paint a Streetscape at the Southampton Gallery. It looks promising that there will be more workshops upcoming at Arts Place in Port Colborne in the fall as we work at growing the Workshop Wednesdays as a continuous creative activity that people can count on weekly.

I’ll be heading up north in August for both a working/vacation trip as I’ll be making a visit to the Art Barn where I have a couple paintings and visit and photograph the area a bit more extensively before heading to a week of camping with family at Algonquin Park.

So that is my summer lined up in between painting time, which is just a given. It is going to go by way to quickly I’m afraid…. I’m so not looking forward to winter again when it seems it is already June and summer has barely started… 6 months till Christmas……tell me it can’t be so….

Enjoy the summer my friends!


February / March 2019

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

Can we get some spring weather now please? It’s been a long cold winter, but on the positive side there has been lots of painting accomplished. Shows have been lined up, with the occasional new one popping in here and there as the year progresses.

The first show this year is at the Spring Fling Art Show and Sale put on by the Visual Artists of Welland. This is a three day event, where I’ll have between 6 and 8 boards on display, giving people a sample of the different creations I paint on wood. Next at the beginning of May, I was invited to have a table at the “How Great Thou Art” show that takes place during a fund raising luncheon at Club Capri in Thorold. This event is put on by the Friends of Beaver Dams Church as they continue to raise money for the church restoration. This event really tweaks at my interest in history.

At this point it seems July/August will be the busiest month with the Circle of Art in Crystal Beach, the Pumphouse Gallery Art show/sale Civic Holiday weekend closely followed by the South Niagara Artist tour. The latter two are both entire weekend events. Then there is a bit of a break as I have to still apply for the Niagara Falls Museum Night of Art which takes place in September.

In between this, I will have some work submitted in the Welland Rose Festival Art Show in June at the Seaway Mall.  As usual a few of my works will be on display at Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne and a couple in the members gallery at the Pumphouse Gallery in Niagara on the Lake.

Some northern town paintings are now at the Art Barn in Victoria Harbour near Midland Ontario. Hopefully some more will be heading that way by summer.

I started something different this past couple months, painting streetscapes on wooden Kleenex Box Covers. They are unique and I have had a lot of positive feedback about them. I hope to get some made up for the upcoming summer shows.

I have been getting commissions in lately, which is always a nice thing as my name is spreading around and people are seeing my work in a variety of places. I will be working hard to get more pieces ready for my opening show at the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne in October.

I have once again submitted a piece to the Call to Artists entitled “Transitions” from the City of St. Catharines for this year. It is (what else would it be lol) but a streetscape of St. Paul St. in St Catharines. Half of my normal sized board is done in grey scale in the olden horse and buggy days and the other half of the board is in full colour as St. Paul Street is today. This board depicts the “transition” from yesteryear to today of St. Paul Street. Fingers crossed, won’t hear anything till July, I believe.

I am starting to get an outline together for my workshop at the Southampton Gallery in September. This is going to be an exciting first for me! I’ve done small art workshops in the past but never one on what I do as a specialty, streetscapes. Should this one go well I will look at returning next year and possibly doing one closer to home!

Next blog I write it should be a lot warmer out then it is now…come on summer…it truly has been a long winter!


December 2018/ January 2019

Happy New Years!  I am starting to think these blogs will become a bi monthly thing lol Life is so busy with paint, paint and more paint!

Winter is basically my painting months, my planning for summer shows and networking time month. A lot has actually come together in the last couple months. I am now scheduled to do a workshop on streetscape board creation at the Southampton Gallery in Southampton Ontario. I was in Southampton about three years ago for a run my son was doing; I remember walking right by the  art gallery. When I was first approached about a workshop, I thought, um…. an entire two day workshop could I actually pull it off? I have done three hour workshops creating smaller artistic projects, but this feels so BIG! And although streetscapes are something I personally could do in my sleep, teaching others seemed a bit overwhelming….. lol but once I wrote out a class outline things became less scary and even fun! Now I’m thinking I may just want to do this again either in Southampton or around here locally. I see something on the horizon in this format, just not sure about the when, where and how stuff yet. Stay tuned.

There is also a possibility for a show of my work at the Southampton Gallery down the road. The connection has been made and I am on the list.

I also have boards heading out to the Newton Street Art Barn in Victoria Harbour around the Midland Ontario area. I am looking forward to how my boards are received in northern Ontario. Ever so slowly I am working my way into other parts of Ontario. I continue to have a couple of my boards at the Pumphouse Gallery in Niagara on the Lake as a member to.

As for shows this year, the Spring Fling Art show and sale in Welland will be the first place to view my work. This show is being put on by the Visual Artists of Welland a group that I presently sit on the board of directors for. This is another learning curve, but fun at the same time. The Spring Fling takes place April 5-7 at Canada’s Best Value Inn, 1030 Niagara St. in Welland.

I applied for the Pelham Art Show on Mother’s Day Weekend, got passed by the jury but there was no room at the inn so to speak! Lol but on the upside I am on the list to get an application for next year, jury already passed. My application is in at the Pumphouse for their show Civic holiday weekend and I am already to go for the South Niagara Artists summer show in August also. Will be looking at Circle of Art in Crystal Beach in July and the Night of Art at the Museum in Niagara Falls in September. All this scheduling is a work in progress. Check back to my website as I will continue to update that as I move through these planning stages.

I also have an art show lined up for the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne starting October 10 for about a month. I am looking to have a good variety of streetscape boards at this event, so the public can walk through the various towns in Ontario sharing their memories without ever leaving the gallery! That alone excites me! I will have an ad that I’m hoping you will all share once this date becomes closer. It will be very much appreciated!

Well, I think this is a good overview of the last couple months…..they go by so quickly don’t they! Lol this turned out to be a way longer blog then I thought when I started it. lol

Keep warm, spring isn’t all that far away and have a Happy Valentines Day! ❤

November 2018

Merry Christmas? Where did this pop in from? Weren’t we just sweating it out at the July 1 art show on Queen Street? 🤔

It was a busy November, not so much in showing artwork but in completing commissions for Christmas. All are done now and ready for Santa to pass out Christmas Eve. I’ll be advertising more for commissions next year, this year it was all kind of new ground. Once Christmas is over, I’ll be able to share some of these other creations!

I took a art entrepreneur course, one evening a week for four weeks at the Pumphouse Gallery. Learned a lot to add to my tool belt of marketing. I have been learning as I go on the marketing front, it is a huge part of getting your work off the ground and noticed. But it is a learning process no matter how you look at it.

I did do the One of A Kind show at the Dundas Museum in November. Starting my push outside of Niagara that I plan on continuing next year. Show went well, lots and lots of positive talk, and business cards given out. As I have found out those business cards taken do tend to come back to me in commissioned work, so take away all you need!

Now that my shows are over for the year it is time to regroup and PAINT! So many new ideas, now that I have ventured into my imagination and am not only doing streetscapes! Lately, I am having a lot of fun experimenting with snow scenes, you really get the feel for oil paint by playing with snow! I also did a painting of the train at the Fort Erie Museum! I love trains, and it fit on the board perfectly! You just never know what will becoming next!🤔

Right now, I have my work on display at Arts Place in Port Colborne, Artisans Nook in Stoney Creek, a couple pieces in the members gallery at the Pumphouse in Niagara on the Lake and a few small pieces at Niagara Crafters in Port Colborne.

Besides my painting I am also involved with the Visual Artists of Welland group, I’ll be talking a lot more about this as time goes on. I will have updates on my site about meetings, artist opportunities ect. Any artist anywhere can join, you don’t have to be from Welland specifically.

As I mentioned I am looking at shows and opportunities outside of Niagara now. It looks like I will have the opportunity to sell my work up north in cottage country at the Newton Street Art Barn in Victoria Harbour Ontario! That’s up around Midland, Penetanguishene way. I’m very excited about this opportunity! I’ve had many many people that have come by and visited at shows tell me my work would do well and fit in nicely North. I have a old acquaintance to thank for this connection. So you will soon be seeing some of my paintings with a cottage country flavour to them!

I think that pretty much writes off November, it was actually a busier month then I first thought! See you all in the new year!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


September/October 2018

It’s been a busy summer, so I’m playing catch up with my blogs combining September and October together. Hopefully this combining of monthly logs doesn’t become a habit.

September started off with a volunteer commitment at the Ass Menagerie Animal Sanctuary in Wainfleet, Ontario for their first annual fundraiser. I had donated a board painting of Wainfleet for their penny raffle. My daughter and I took our hand at face painting on children that day to. Totally new experience. Kids move a lot more then the wood that I normally paint on. 🙂. It was a very hot day, but under the shade of some trees we survived nicely and the fundraiser was deemed a success!

As of September I am now a member of the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne and have 4 of my paintings on wood in the gallery as a member. Hopefully an official showing of my work will be in the not to distant future at the gallery.

September brought the City of St. Catharines opening of their juried art show entitled “Motion”. 15 artists work was chosen for this showing which will be in city hall until March of next year. My board painting of St. Paul Street with various modes of transportation was chosen as one of the 15. The opening of the exhibit on September 28 brought out a large group of people, artists and art lovers alike. Congratulations to all the winners!

September also brought me into the Niagara Falls Night of Art for the first time. Had a wonderful time meeting people, and talking towns in Niagara. The rain was a bit dampening to the outside part of the event, but we were safely tucked into a corner inside the building. This will be a definite go to for next year!

October finds me catching up on commissions that individuals have ordered over the last month or so. Since most of these will be Christmas Gifts, I am unable to showcase most of this work till after the holidays. Suffice it to say, I am slowly diversifying from streetscapes somewhat. I am unsure what crazy directions I will be heading in next with my painted boards!

I am also now on the Board of Directors as the Marketing Rep. of the newly formed art group in Welland called tentatively “Visual Artists of Welland”. I am looking forward to this all new experience. Last month a show was discussed for Niagara Falls in the spring. Crazy to think but it will be show planning time soon enough. This year was kind of a feeler for me to see what shows work and what shows don’t for me, next year .

Well I Guess, I better get back to the paint brush and boards…the holidays are coming up fast!

Happy Halloween 🎃👻

Yours in Art,


August 2018

Happy September Everyone! The months are flying by so fast, cant believe we are almost into the fall season!

Life was BUSY this past month! I started out on the Civic Holiday weekend at the Pumphouse Gallery, Art at the Pumphouse show! The weather was so hot, but luckily we had a spot under some shade trees which worked out well. Sold a couple works and met and spoke to so many people, it was a great time over all.

The following week took me to Ridgeway Ontario, where I was set up for the South Niagara Artists Studio Tour. The weather was hot and sunny but again we had a nice spot under some shade trees. I sold a Niagara on the Lake board which I didn’t even have with me at the time. It sold from a photo I had taken on my iPad. The actual painting was still on the drying rack at home! Pays to document your paintings!

The week after, I was in Stoney Creek, Ont for the first Art in the Parking Lot. Another hot day, but once again, we were nestled under a tree line. The last of my business cards went this day!

Among the networking connections I made during these shows was with the Dundas Historical Museum. They were interested in seeing some boards of Dundas. Now I have lost count the number of times in my travels that I have been asked about painting boards of Dundas. So of coarse I had to make a trip up to investigate and sure enough I wasn’t disappointed! It has a beautiful historical streets-cape! Happy to say my first board of Dundas has now been completed!

I will be making my way up to Dundas for the One of a Kind Handmade Market which is at the Dundas Historical Museum in November! Slowly moving up and out of the immediate Niagara Region.

I went to a meeting this month of the newly formed Visual Arts Guild of Welland ( name still has to be formally voted on). Very intrigued by what they are attempting to do there. During the following week I received a call wanting to know if I would like to be the marketing director on the newly formed board. How positive things can in a very short time. I accepted the offer. I have always liked the area of marketing, it has been a continuous learning experience from both my pet sitting business and now with Reflections of Niagara. I have been assured we will be working together as a team so know one will get overwhelmed.

The newly formed board of directors met at the end of the month. Looks like a great  knowledgeable group to be working with. I’ll keep you posted as things grow and develop.

This month I also became a member of the Arts Place Gallery in Port Colborne. Looking forward to meeting up with this group at their next monthly meeting.

I thought once the summer months were over things would settle down a bit, but September is looking to be a busy month to. Ill still have lots to talk about in next months blog!

Yours in Art,


July 2018

Happy Summertime Everyone!

No matter the temperature the creative juices are continuing to flow! Cant believe it is mid summer already and I have been painting boards for less then a year still…..seems like it has been my life! And I’m loving every minute of it.

Two events occurred in July that gave me cause for excitement, one my board painting entitled “City on the Move” of St. Paul Street in St. Catharine’s was chosen by jury  to be a part of their art presentation called Motion. I am among 15 chosen works choosen that have been created around the theme of motion in the city. This presentation will be on display from September 17 2018 to March 15 2019 at St. Catharines City Hall. I will be attending the opening reception on September 28 at 4pm.


The second item that brought me excitement this past month was being picked to be in the Niagara Falls Museum’s Night of Art held at the Niagara Falls History Museum at 5810 Ferry St. this event is September 20 from 6 to 10 pm. This will once again be a totally new experience! And a history museum at that, I’ll be right at home!

I have also added Art in the Parking Lot in Stoney Creek into my schedule as I continue to capture the beauty outside of Niagara. This event will take place August 18 from 11am to 6pm in the Powerhouse Parking Lot at 21 Jones Street in Old Town Stoney Creek. I have several Stoney Creek/Hamilton boards painted up for this event. After this event, these boards will be for sale at the Artisans Nook in Stoney Creek. I hope to have a variety of boards from that area ready for the holiday season. Such a unique gift!

This month started off with the Queen Street Art show on Canada Day, which was unfortunatly way to hot for man or beast. The following week we were at GreenLane Winery in Vineland and then the Circle of Art in Crystal Beach! My favorite thus far is the Circle of Art in Crystal Beach, such a small town atmosphere, yet it brought out more people then the others combined that were interested in art specifically. It will definitely be on my next years list of to-does.

Twice now I have been dabbling in historical board paintings. Along with art, I am also a great lover of history, and this area is full of history. So far I have completed a board depicting the Marshville Heritage Festival and recently one of Dundurn Castle which is on the drying rack at the moment. I have a lot of ideas pertaining to historical areas here, the war of 1812 has left us with many historical sights for me to draw from. So be looking for more of those in the future.


Marshville Heirtage Festival, Wainfleet Ontario

August is looking to have a lot of other firsts in it, The Art at the Pumphouse Gallery is a Civic Holiday weekend event and the weekend following that I will be in Ridgeway  at 3476 Farr Avenue for the South Niagara Artist Studio Tour, sharing studio (yard) space at Michelle Morrissey’s  Drifter Studio.

Cant wait to report to you on these coming events next month! Keep cool everyone!

Yours in Art, Mary

June 2018

Hello everyone,

June has been the start of a wonderful crazy busy summer! The first week of the month I had four of my painted boards at the Seaway Mall for the Rose Festival Art Exhibition. There was a lot of conversation and positive feedback. From there we went to a weekend at Art in the Vineyard at the Frogpond Winery in Niagara on the Lake. Although a bit on the rainy side, we met a lot of people who braved the rain and had a lot of conversations about memories that the paintings triggered. It was great!

I have been busy getting a couple more boards of the town of Stoney Creek together for Artisans Nook in Stoney Creek which very quickly sold the first one. I will have a stand of paintings in that store into the fall season, focusing on the Stoney Creek/Hamilton area. Thanks to my sister for driving, we made a trip up to the City of Hamilton and got some photos of various well known areas so I can start that series. Driving in the city and I are not the best of friends. lol

I received notice that I was not chosen for the electrical box paint ups in Niagara Falls, which really was not a huge let down. To me, that deciding committee was simply another way that other people would see my work and know I exist.  With so much else on the go now, maybe it was meant to be that way for other reasons. I also applied to show at the Night of Art at the Museum in Niagara Falls for September, decisions don’t come out till this month sometime. I have also thrown my hat into the donation ring! I came across an online mention of a Donkey Rescue in Wainfleet Ontario that was looking for vendors and items for their penny sale table. Although I am taking a well-deserved rest that weekend from showing, I felt compelled to see if I could contribute to the penny table. I connected with the Rescue and they would love a painted donation. So as soon as their media advertisement comes out, I will be sharing it to everyone! The only thing that supersedes my love of art is my love for animals. This seems a good small cause to start with and I hope my painting can help bring in some needed funding.

I also attended my second in a series of speakers about different art topics put on by Haldimand Arts in Dunniville. This month was Critique & Constructive Criticism by Bart Gazzola – “Art Critic from Hell”. The speakers have been excellent and I am picking up new information here and there and it is refreshing to sit around a table discussion with other creatives.

I have met so many wonderful creative people online, and I am learning so much from them. I guess we are learning from each other actually, but I still feel very much a newbie on the scene. Lol From my learning, I am now putting together an application for both the Grimsby Public Art Gallery for their Juried Exhibit and to the Priceless Program put on by the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce. Both totally new venues I knew nothing about. So we shall see…

I have also been approached by Arts Place in Port Colborne, a small local gallery run by local artists that would like me to have a show there next year. My pieces were noticed by one of their members at the Rose Festival Exhibition earlier in the month. For some reason they never came into my radar for being a part of until they approached me. So once I get the application filled out and so forth, I hopefully will be having my first official showing of artwork sometime next year at Arts Place in Port Colborne. I will keep everyone posted on this one!

It has been a crazy busy month and I hope I haven’t left anything out. I am learning so much from the individuals that are viewing my work, how paintings tie in with their memories and lives, bits of historical information that I never knew ect. There is always more to learn and the paintings seem to open a window into peoples that brings both nostalgia and reflection on how times have changed. It’s wonderful to be a part of all of it.

July is looking to be a crazy month to, with three more showings, before a vacation break in Ottawa where my son is running a 24 hour race. Then I’ll be back and right at it again, with a weekend art show at the Pumphouse Gallery in NOTL and the South Niagara Artists studio tour where I will be in Ridgeway with a fellow South Niagara Artist Michelle Morrissey.

This is the year for putting myself out there, so people know I exist on some level in the local creative community. Slowly but surely the pieces are falling together…..thanks to everyone who has been so supportive!

Yours in Art, Mary

May 2018

Hi all, yet another busy month is behind us. This month seen me sign up four of my painted boards for the Rose Festival Art Exhibition in Welland which runs the first week of June. Creations from many local artists will be on display at the mall during this time.

I have always been a continuous learner, with that being said, I went to my first speaker series hosted by Haldimand Art Works in Dunniville. The speakers talked about how to approach entering events, festivals and gallery’s. There was a lot of discussion and yes I learned a few new things about how to apply to these events. Looking forward to the next in the series of presentations.

This month I submiited my application to the Call for Artists by the City of Niagara Falls for creating designs to cover local electrical boxes. I put my best work forward in the application along with my artist bio/statement, so we’ll see what happens there. Getting my work into as many venues as I can is the name of the game right now!

I also submitted an application to the Niagara Falls Museum of History for the Night of Art held in September. It will be mid July before I find out yeah or nay on this one. Either way, I will be attending this unique evening of art just for the experience.

I now have a couple pieces of my work at the Artisans Nook in Stoney Creek, including a board of the Main Street in Stoney Creek. My assistant ( my daughter) and I spent a whole Saturday displaying a few of my boards in front of this shop last month and will be spending another Saturday there in June.

The art shows are almost upon us, the first one is at the Frogpond Winery the weekend of June 23 and 24. I got my ten by ten tent and we are ready for the season to begin! How things go this summer will help determine if I work at gaining some interest in the greater Toronto area. Looking forward to presenting my “Memories Niagara” series and to meeting lots of new people!

Hope to see you all!


April 2018

Hey there everyone! Once again this past month has been a very productive one!

My separate series “Memories Niagara” is just about complete, only a couple more towns to go. 🎉 If anyone notices a town within Niagara that I am missing in my series, please drop me an email and let me know! I have also started branching out from Niagara now, just having finished a painted board of Paris Ontario. I am presently working on one of Caledonia now. There are so many beautiful towns in Ontario. Decisions, decisions, decisions on what ones to work with! lol

I now have a logo! I put the element of design instruction that I got in school this past year to good use with some tech assistance from the professor.  The logo will be inscribed on future business cards, banners, and stamped in the corner on the back of the boards I sell. Introducing the Reflections of Niagara Logo!

cropped-goodone21.jpg                         Speaking of school, the one year program of Art and Design Foundations at Niagara College I was attending is done now. I have met a lot of new creative friends and learned a variety of things, things that I had never really thought about before. We did design with wire, cardboard and clay all mediums I had never used before. I got over my fear of drawing the human figure, something I have avoided all my creative life. My figures aren’t perfect now but they’re not horrible either. I’ve got a year of practice under my belt now. Lol

I had a meet and greet with Shelby Ricker this month, the Art Curator of the Niagara Arts Showcase this month.  I applied and was accepted to their July 1st art show on Queen Street in Niagara Falls to display my paintings. Fingers crossed for nice weather and good crowds. The city of Niagara Falls predicts 20,000 people will be in attendance; even a portion of that number will give lots of exposure.

The art shows/sales lined up for the summer now are: The Frogpond Winery Art in the Vineyard NOTL, Art on Queen Street in Niagara Falls, Circle of Art in Crystal Beach, Art at the Pumphouse NOTL, and the South Niagara Artists Studio Tour Ridgeway. It’s been a long winter of preparing for these, so bring on summer!

As an aside, I also enter the occasional local  “call to artists” when I find them, this past month I had a piece in the Echo Art Exhibition sponsored by Links for Greener Learning, and one entered to the City of St. Catharines call looking at the theme of “Motion” in the City of St Catharines.

All in all it been another positive month! Next month will be a lot of finishing preparations for getting works, stands and displays up and ready for shows!

See you next month!

March 2018

This month brought new adventures!

I have finally nailed down a name for my present series of towns and cities in Niagara “Memories Niagara”! I may  also have a logo up in coming in the next couple months to, things seem to be steadily moving forward.

I was part of the Roselawn Art Show/Sale this month. Had never even attended such an event before so being a part of it was a truly wonderful experience. There is so much talent here in Niagara, so many different mediums and wonderful people. The munchies that were brought around were amazing to, I have a weakness for stuffed mushrooms it seems lol The event will definitely be on my hit list for next year!

My application for the Pumphous Gallery in NOTL has been submitted, now comes the waiting game as the committee that does the choosing only meets three times a year. Fingers crossed, being able to display my series in a recognized gallery would be a huge adventure along with being able to utilize my so so marketing skills. But again it is so easy to market what you believe in!  At this point it is all in the hands of the committee.

I have applied to be a part of the July 1 Art show/sale on Queen Street in Niagara Falls also, which brings in thousands of people I am told. I also have recently heard about The Night of Art in Niagara Falls in September,  more information and applications are not out yet for that one. I am still waiting on information for the Rose Festival art show/sale which takes place at the Seaway Mall in June.

I have finished my piece for the “Call to Artists” put out by the City of St. Catharines looking for the representation of travel in the city. Ill be submitting that this week. This was my first journey into adding people and vehicles to my streets-capes. The combination has worked out well and I will be following through in my current and future work adding these. I find it brings the streets to life in a whole different way. This coming from someone who was terrified of attempting to draw people in way shape or form up to now.

I am and will be continuing to investigate possible restaurants that might like to show my work also.

My “Memories Niagara” series is almost finished. St. Catharines, Port Colborne, City of Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Chippawa, Wainfleet, Wellendport, Fenwick, Niagara on the Lake, Grimsby, Jordan Station, Ridgeway, Fonthill(sold), and Thorold, with Crystal Beach in the works!  Stevensville is on my to do list also! If any one knows of any I have missed, please message me, as I don’t want any town or interesting area left out! I am also looking to do a board highlighting the buildings that are part of the Marshville Heritage Festival in Wainfleet.

Towns like Wainfleet left me with an interesting artistic dilemma for the first time, as the town is basically not all in one section. I went through and highlighted what I believed to be the highlights of the town and combined them all on a board, kind of blurring out one and leading into another. I’m sure this wont be the first artistic challenge I will come across. Art is all about challenges!

So I think things have been moving along fairly well. Hopefully next month the positive updates will continues! See you then!



February 2018

Wow! This has been an extremly busy and encouraging month.

New business postcards are printed! A lot of new learning has been coming into my life, first designing this website, then designing my business postcards. I’ll be passing them on at any shows or upcoming exhibits and dropping them off to any interested parties.


I have three works picked out for the Juried Art Auction for Roselawn Centre in Port Colborne in March.  I’m looking forward to an all new experience of attending an art auction as a participating artist.

I am signed up for Art in the Vineyard at the Frogpond Winery in Niagara on the Lake which will take place in June. What a wonderful combination art and wine 🍷.

My application is ready to go in for Art at the Pumphouse in August. An outdoor weekend juried art event that is sure to draw a good crowd of art lovers. Also on the drawing board with The Pumphouse Gallery is my application applying for my own exhibition. At this time they are taking applications for 2019 exhibitions. Realistically I would need that amount of time to prepare and market my own exhibition. So I’m more then good with 2019. Fingers are crossed! As a member of The Pumphouse Gallery I continue to have two pieces on show at the gallery.

Although I am continuing with my “Main Street” series in Niagara, I am also beginning to branch out to cities and towns beyond the Niagara Region. I have had numerous people and businesses outside Niagara show interest in my work, so there is no time like the present to take that jump to broaden my borders. Eventually a trip to Toronto to visit the older section of the city will be in order.

I am also waiting on the application for Welland Rose Festival Art Show. This would be a nice local venue to showcase my local scenes.

So amongst all this paperwork and networking I am doing, I am continuing to  love the experience of creating art! My imagination continues to work overtime. My mind is a constant swarm of new ideas and places to recreate. I have such a love for the towns and cityscapes I recreate. It is as if I have stepped into each individual place aware of every detail of the buildings I recreate. It continues to be a labour of love.

Cant wait to see what next month brings!

Thank you again to all the people that have supported me thus far!


January 2018

Hello everyone,

The last year has taken me into a world I never thought I would reenter, the world of art and creating. Not since my early twenties have I taken to creating art with such excitement! I seem to have found a niche that people love to see and I love doing. Creating oil paintings of local scenes on lumber. So many of the structures I paint scenes from are built out of lumber similar to pieces I create on.

Presently my main focus is a series of paintings I call “Main Streets” featuring the beauty of the main streets within the cities and towns of the Niagara Region. This has become a labour of love for me. The beauty that is found within the structures of these places continues to amaze me. It is incredible, a part of history that needs to be told. As an individual standing in front of a single building we don’t get a chance to see the entire picture put together, herein lies the real beauty, putting the frameworks together and gazing on an entire block at once, with its bright colours, and beautifully designed buildings of yesteryear.

We can also get a glimpse of how these buildings fit into today’s world. Restaurants, pizza places, bars, and offices that were never imagined fill these sites today. Tomorrow may bring change again, but for today I give you a “snap shot” in time through my paintings.

Please take a peek and enjoy as local history and art  intermingle!

See you next month!